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A Little self-reflection, self-love and Crystal use

I would like to talk about the significant of our daily life and their relationship to nature and crystals in particular.

Rocks, minerals or crystals, they are all found in Nature, and as we all learned, the universe has energies and vibration which makes these crystals being use as powerful tools for us to connect to mother nature, to our roots, to the universe and all the energies and vibrations around us.

The most common question I heard everyday was how do I use these crystals? and What is the right crystals for me?

My answer always, use your instinct! the more you use it the more it sharpens and the more accurate answer you will hear. Listen carefully because Your body will tell you what you need and it will tell you which crystals is right for you at that particular time.

Now, the question is not on which or what crystals, the question is always coming back on us as individual. Crystal merely just tools / media to help us channel our power within us. Our mind, body and spirit have the power to heal ourselves. Everything has to start from within. It has to start by acknowledging the issues we have and the willingness to surrender to the higher power and let the universe, the crystals, and every media around us unify together to help us manifesting what we want or where we want to be. The willingness and effort to work on the issue need to be clear and put forward in our mind and after all these processes, these crystals will help, working hand in hand and guide us to the right path.

Once we are willing to be honest with ourselves, open up to the new idea, open our ways to a better life and everything will work itself out. Just remember, happiness comes from within. Protection comes from you being strong and it comes from within and when you are happy, it will boost your immune system, increase your positivity and in return, your luck and wealth and everything in your life will take you to a better path. Your crystals will amplify these.

Please remember, it all starts from within us and our willingness to want to have a happy fulfilling life. This is the power of manifestation.

This is something that even I have to remind myself every day. Having breaks and holidays once in a while will give you the time and pause your daily routine and giving us the time, we need to reflect on our life and be grateful with what we have.

The key is, to be happy and content with what you have right now while working on what you want.

Remember, living one day at a time, be in the NOW and take pick at least once crystal a day and set your intention towards it.

Thank you for reading, always know I am so grateful for all of you. If you need advice or help crystal or non-crystal related, feel free to drop a message. I am always happy to help

Love always,