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Genuine Handmade Tagua Nut Carving Ivory - Praying Angel

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Tagua Nut origins Equador

size 8.5cm

Handmade carving

The Amazonian Indians believes that Vegetable Ivory, or Tagua Nut, nut brings prosperity, happiness, love and abundance. Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and natives of South and Central America used Tagua for emotional and spiritual health and well-being. To them, Tagua is sacred. It brings harmony, love of family and friends, preservation, tranquility, fertility,protection against negativity, attracting abundance, increasing inner strength.

The indigenous people of South America used Tagua to represent the feminine because of its great magnet-like romantic energy. Each member of the tribe was given a tagua pendant to wear around his or her neck. The natives believed that persons wearing tagua would live in harmony and always be loved by their family and friends. In one year a tagua palm produces the same amount of "ivory" as one female elephant. The tagua nuts, however, are harvested by hand without harming the tree. In addition to protecting animal ivory, tagua products help preserve tropical rainforests by providing a sustainable income for forest people.