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Green Lepidolite Monet Crystal Bracelet 8mm

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Shape: Round

There is always a little discrepancy of colours and sizes because they are natural stones.

We only sell genuine A grade quality stones

Size 8mm

on Double thread Elastic for strength  ( Adult size)

Experience the soothing properties of Green Lepidolite with our Monet Healing Stone. This enchanting crystal is known for its calming and balancing energies, making it the perfect companion for stress relief and emotional healing. Green Lepidolite is believed to bring a sense of tranquility and harmony, helping to alleviate anxiety and promote a peaceful state of mind.

Our Monet Healing Stone showcases the natural beauty of Green Lepidolite in a polished and mesmerizing form. With its delicate shades of green and subtle sparkle, this stone not only captivates the eye but also uplifts the spirit.

Embrace the healing benefits of Green Lepidolite as you incorporate it into your meditation or energy healing practices. Allow its gentle vibrations to cleanse and purify your energy field, creating a sense of balance and serenity. Whether you choose to carry it with you throughout the day or place it in your sacred space, the Monet Healing Stone can serve as a powerful tool for inner peace and personal growth.

Enhance your well-being with the tranquil energies of Green Lepidolite. Shop our Monet Healing Stone today and embark on a journey of emotional healing and self-discovery.