Grief, Grace and Healing - Tanya Carroll Richardson

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Navigate grief, call in more healing, and lean on the spiritual force of grace with this beautifully-illustrated 64-card oracle deck and guidebook from trusted author and spiritual guide Tanya Carroll Richardson.

The Grief, Grace, and Healing card deck empowers you to gently rebuild after loss. Managing day-to-day life while grieving is less challenging with supportive tools like this card deck, which provides comfort and inspiration in trying times. With calming illustrations and reassuring messages, you will be encouraged to meet yourself with kindness as you journey through your unique healing process. Channel grief into healthy transformation, accept change, and cherish positive memories.

This deck can be used by anyone experiencing grief, whether it’s mourning the passing of a loved one; experiencing sudden life changes such as divorce, job loss, or injury; or grappling with past trauma. No matter where you are in your healing, these cards and guidebook help you connect to your spirit and inner resilience, adding a little light, hope, and self-love to your routine.

Each deluxe card deck includes:

  • 64 unique illustrated cards with motivation, prompts, and tips for navigating grief.
  • A 176-page guidebook offering further reflection on the cards’ messages and deeper insights.
  • A beautifully-crafted keepsake storage box.

DAILY MOTIVATION: Wake up each morning to a motivational message, a comforting affirmation, or an inspirational guiding question to reflect on
HEALING AT YOUR OWN PACE: Reading a card every day or every week is a simple step towards healing that can be utilized even by those overwhelmed with grief or juggling the busiest of schedules
STRATEGIES FOR SELF-CARE: Take care of your mind, body, and spirit using cards with suggestions for reducing stress, finding inner peace, and adopting healing rituals
GRAPPLE WITH ALL KINDS OF GRIEF: Whether you’ve lost a family member, relationship, pet, or job, solace can be found with the Grief, Grace, and Healing card deck
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this deck contains a paper guidebook