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Handcarved Authentic Green Jade Frog with Coins | Embrace Prosperity and Abundance

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Authentic hand carved Jade Frog with coin

Size 14cm

weight app 660 grams

Embrace prosperity and abundance with the Handcarved Authentic Green Jade Frog adorned with Coins. This exquisite jade carving features a charming frog symbol, believed to be a harbinger of good fortune and prosperity in many cultures.

In ancient Chinese tradition, the frog is associated with wealth and abundance, and when depicted with coins, it signifies the attraction of financial success and prosperity into one's life.

The Green Jade Frog serves as a powerful talisman, inviting the energies of prosperity and luck to enter your life. Its vibrant green hue represents growth, renewal, and vitality, further enhancing its symbolism of abundance.

Place this captivating jade frog in your living space or personal altar to attract positive financial energies and to remind yourself of the potential for prosperity that lies ahead. Embrace the positive vibrations of this handcarved jade creation and invite the blessings of prosperity and abundance into your journey.