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Natural Crystal Geode - unopened large size - Crack yourself

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Guarantee Crystals on the inside!


Approximate 460 grams - 600 grams 

app. 10 cm 

Discover the excitement of opening your own geode and being the first to see the dazzling crystals inside. We offer a variety of whole, unopened geodes for you to experience this thrill. 

Each one is unique and can contain solid or hollow formations. Geodes are chosen at random, but rest assured they are all equally stunning. If you want to break them yourself, we recommend using a flat-faced chisel and hammer to score the geode around its circumference. For added safety, place smaller geodes in a sock before hitting them with a hammer. 


Please note that the actual item may differ slightly from the images due to factors such as lighting and resolution, but in most cases, the items look even better in person.