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RARE Authentic Wasp / Bumble Bee Jasper Tower 126 grams

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Bumble Bee jasper Size 11 cm  height 

Weight 126 grams

Very Rare stone, Originally from Indonesia West Java, papandayan Mountain

you get exactly what’s on the picture Condition is New.

Metaphysically, some practitioners believe that Bumble Bee Jasper possesses the following properties:

    1. Energetic and Vibrant: Bumble Bee Jasper is thought to carry a high-frequency energy that can uplift and invigorate the spirit. It may be used to boost motivation, enhance creativity, and promote a positive outlook.
    1. Confidence and Empowerment: This gemstone is believed to inspire self-confidence and empower individuals to take action. It may assist in overcoming challenges and encouraging assertiveness.
    2. Transformation and Change: Bumble Bee Jasper is associated with transformation and embracing life's changes. It may aid in letting go of old patterns and embracing new opportunities for growth.
    3. Sacral Chakra Activation: Some practitioners associate Bumble Bee Jasper with the sacral chakra, the energy center linked to creativity, passion, and personal expression. It is believed to stimulate this chakra, promoting a sense of enthusiasm and emotional balance.